Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Apple Muffins- a healthy snack

Today, my neighbor made some delicious apple muffins. I got to thinking. This would make a healthy snack when the kids get home from school while waiting for dinner to be prepared. Don't stop at fast food restaurants when you can made some homemade muffins. Eating healthy is a choice. be a role model and get your family eating fresh muffins made with any fruit of your choice. Adding almonds is also very healthy and great for reducing high blood pressure and retaining a healthy heart. Take my advice. Try some homemade muffins today.

Healthy Eating creates fit bodies. Exercise and make healthy choices.

Vanzide Darden

Joy to Live Testimonial Line with several options about Cancer, Diabetes/high blood sugar

To All interested in trying Joy to Live products 
Hear the amazing results from our customers who are currently taking Fulvia, Neutra- Cleanse, Optimum-Weight Loss Caspule, LeJoyva Coffee, Exlixir Blast, Aerobia, Affinity, Joy to Live, Lissome Silver, 
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There is now a TESTIMONIAL LINE to call in to hear
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participation from you and others. There are currently
seven (7) options with several testimonials:   

·         Dial-in Number:   641-715-3800 / code 77078#

o    Option #1  -  Diabetes / High Blood Sugar / Neuropathy

o    Option #2  -  Cancer

o    Option #3  -  High Blood Pressure / Cardiac

o    Option #4  -  Thyroid

o    Option #5  -  Gout

o    Option #6  -  Kidneys / Dialysis

   o    Option #7  -  Miscellaneous, including Pets

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Get Your Representative to give a Floor Speech to help Fix the Sequestration and Protect the NIH Funding

Today bloggers, friends, and Pancreatic Cancer Survivors:
I need your help. It is imperative that we get our representatives to fight on our behalf. We need them to support our cause- the Fight against Pancreatic Cancer. Without funding, research cannot continue. We made a major accomplishment  when President Obama passed into law the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act ; which was a historic victory for the fight against deadly cancers. The fight must continue so that the advancement of research can find a cure and help reduce the number of people dying from cancer. We spend money on everything. Let's get congress to spend money on funding a cure for the next second deadly disease pancreatic cancer.
 I just contacted my members of Congress about cuts to cancer research. Please join me in this fight and contact your members too!

Click on this URL to take action now

If your email program does not recognize the URL as a link,
copy the entire URL and paste it into your Web browser.Healthy Choices,
Vanzide Darden
http://joytolive/net vandarden

Monday, July 22, 2013

Healthy Coffee- LeJoyVa Coffee

Coffee Drinkers

Looking for that perfect instant coffee, that  is just enough for one person? Looking for a coffee loaded with Super foods and has healthy benefits? Well, let me tell you about LeJoy Va Gourmet Instant Coffee. I started drinking it about a month ago. Fell in love with the delicious taste. LeJoy Va Coffee is smooth going down. Great black. I didn't even drink black coffee until I tried LeJoyVa Gourmet Coffee.
A little about LeJoy Va Gourmet Coffee is one of nine product marketed by Joy to Live Company out of Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Joy to Live Presents- Ionic Silver

I am an independent business owner at Joy to Live. I love this company( JTL). I love the products. I am on a journey to try all the products so that I can help myself as well as you. My number one goal is to get fit and stay healthy by taking supplements that provide nutritional value as well as aid me in maintaining my desired weigh. I have also found that these products help to boost my immune system and helps me fight against any infection.
I was a little concerned when I got bite by a mosquito. The bite left a fifty cent size bite on my right back arm. The bite looked like an eyes with a big wide red circle around it. Boy was it itching. I was happy when my Ionic Silver arrived in the mail. I had been hearing testimonies about the Ionic Silver but I had not a chance to use it until Saturday night. I came in after being in the sun all day long from a yard sale that I had. I took a bath and then applied the Ionic Silver to the mosquito bite. When I wake up Sunday morning the fifty cent size bite had reduced in size to a quarter size. I am impressed with the results so far. Ionic Silver can be taken orally or you can spray on the infected areas. I had heard some amazing testimonies on Ionic Silver now I have my own story to share. Ionic Silver has been reported to reduce cold sores, aids with sinus problems..
 The benefits of Ionic Silver is the following: Fights Off Bacterial infections,  Fights Off Viral Infections , Boosts Immune System, and Strengthens Immune System 
Suggested Use:Take 1/4 teaspoon  four times a day for 4 months. Do not take Vitamin C during the process 
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Healthy Choices: Skinny Drinks that helps to Drop Pounds

Healthy Choices: Skinny Drinks that helps to Drop Pounds: Good morning! What are you drinking today? Have you thought about that drink and the number of calories that you maybe consuming?  Well...

Skinny Drinks that helps to Drop Pounds

Good morning!
What are you drinking today? Have you thought about that drink and the number of calories that you maybe consuming?
Skinny Sippers
 Well, my good friend Lisa sent me an article today on Skinny Sippers from WebMed. The article is very interesting. It tells how we are putting on pounds by what we drink. You may be cutting calories from your meals, but adding them on by what you are drinking. So here are some ways to skinny your drink:  Juices- juices that are a 100% real fruit juices are healthier because they will slash calories because they have less sugar.. Also choosing juices with pulp provides some fiber which may control hunger.  The Helper: Water- drinking at least two glasses of water prior to eating will make the stomach feel full. I know when I drink water before a meal; I feel full which makes me eat less.
. Remember to skinny your drink. Don't Super-Size unless it is Water. Read more on Skinny Sippers at health@messages.webmd.com

water being poured into glass

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Healthy Choices: Take Fulvi for a healthier You

Healthy Choices: Take Fulvi for a healthier You: Good morning! It is great to be alive; to have all the activities of my limbs. Grandma's says drink plenty of water. No matter what the...

Healthy Choices: "Go Play Outside Now"

Healthy Choices: "Go Play Outside Now": Hello to All: Whether you live in North Carolina or just passing through. You have just gotta to visit " Go Play Outside Now" loc...

Healthy Choices: Phillip's Homemade Salad

Healthy Choices: Phillip's Homemade Salad: My grandson Phillip is visiting me from Baltimore. He is ten years old. He shared with me his receipe for a healthy salad. He said grandma V...

Take Fulvi for a healthier You

Good morning!
It is great to be alive; to have all the activities of my limbs. Grandma's says drink plenty of water. No matter what the activity; drinking plenty of water will keep you cool and keep you from dehydrating . You will find yourself feeling better, looking better by increasing your water intake while taking your supplements. Adding Fulvia as one of my supplements has improved my health. Fulvia will rejuvenate you and rebalance your system.

Here is my personal testimony: About a three months ago, I starting taking Fulvia an anti-aging formula capsule by Joy to Live Company. On the bottle it stated that you need to drink 16 oz of water with each capsule twice a day  to get the best result.  " Man, I said to myself. Drink water". I am a Pepsi Cola girl. This was a challenge since' I drank more Pepsi Cola than water. I was drinking at least six bottles of soda a day before taking Fulvia. In the first month, I drank just the 16oz of water that was required. I really had to acquire a taste for water since my system was use to the sugar. Gradually by  my second month, I increased by drinking water to 32 oz daily and now in my third month; I am drinking 50 oz of water and steadily increasing. As a result of taking Fulvia, I am drinking more water and have reduced my soda intake to one Pepsi a week. I am very proud of myself. I see the transformation that is occurring since, I started taking Fulvia. Drinking plenty of water is key for the Fulvia to be most effective to produce the proven results that you desire.
 I recommend Fulvia to anyone wanting to maintain and wanting to rejuvenate themselves. Try Fulvia at http://joytolive.net/vandarden

Monday, July 8, 2013

"Go Play Outside Now"

Hello to All:
Whether you live in North Carolina or just passing through. You have just gotta to visit " Go Play Outside Now" located right off of the corner of Cornwallis and old Drug Store Road in Garner, North Carolina 27529.
Well on the 4th of July, 2013;while on my way to the Clayton celebrations; my granddaughter,my grandson and I stopped by" Go Play Outside Now". It seem deserted when I first drove up on the grounds. My grandson said I see someone. We went in and Ms Ann give us the tour and we stayed and played for about two hours. I had the time of my life. We played laser tag, we swunged on swings. We climbed on ropes, and we slid on a metal water slide. I made the biggest splash of the day. Check out the" Go Play Outside now "'s Facebook Page. This was our first time there. Well, we went back the next day with my other granddaughter and stayed 4 and half hours. More kids arrived later and the laser tag game become more exciting. Be a blessing and take your kids to "Go Play Outside Now" It is very affordable and it is a local business. I have driven by this place many times going over to highway 42. It wasn't until my grandchildren came to visit that my curious got the best on me; so I stopped by and was pleasantly surprise with all the events that can happen; while at Go Play Outside Now. You can play basketball, ping-pong, tire swings, grill and picnic; all while playing with your kids. Go Play Outside Now has beach type setting with plenty of comfort chairs and sofas. A pit for grilling marshmallows and hot dogs. There is also a canopy if it rains.  Here is a healthy choice for your children to play outside and experience nature right here in Garner, North Carolina. This beats going to the beach.

Healthy Choices,

Phillip's Homemade Salad

My grandson Phillip is visiting me from Baltimore. He is ten years old. He shared with me his receipe for a healthy salad. He said grandma Van; I make this salad when I am home. Can I make it for you? I said yes. We went to the store to get the ingredients.: bananas, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, green apple,and ranch dressing. I assisted with cutting the cucumbers, lettuces, and tomatoes. Phillip mixed all the ingredients together along with the ranch dressing. Wow! what a great taste. Hmm! Hmm! Hmm good! Oh, I forgot, to mention that he added a little honey to the salad. This was an excellent meal! This ten year old young boy created a tasteful salad that was sweet and tart. Definitely a healthy choice over french fries. Try this salad. It is light and very tasty. I love this so much that we had the salad two days in a row. Wow! try this fabulous salad today. Looking to add to your healthy choices? Try Joy to Live products- Fulvia- anti-aging formula along with Optimun weight Loss capsules

 Healthy Choices,