Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who wants Coffee?

Love drinking coffee? LeJoyvaCoffee is the best gourmet Instant Black Coffee. When you drink one cup you just want another. Coffee made with 4 Super foods that has been slowly roasted to perfection. The 4 Super Foods that are contained in LeJoyva Coffee is Goji Berry,Ganoderma Mushroom. Mangosteen, and yarcha Gumba Having these all natural ingredients in LeJoyva Coffee provided added health benefits like reducing stress, lowering high blood pressure. LeJoyva Coffee is known as the health coffee. No caffeine. Great taste and  a soothing fresh aroma that you will enjoy and crave everyday.  Watch this short video- Then go to to order your leJoyva coffee

Make the choice to drink LeJoyva Coffee- Just one taste and you won't beleive it's an instant coffee
Van Darden

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Apple Muffins- a healthy snack

Today, my neighbor made some delicious apple muffins. I got to thinking. This would make a healthy snack when the kids get home from school while waiting for dinner to be prepared. Don't stop at fast food restaurants when you can made some homemade muffins. Eating healthy is a choice. be a role model and get your family eating fresh muffins made with any fruit of your choice. Adding almonds is also very healthy and great for reducing high blood pressure and retaining a healthy heart. Take my advice. Try some homemade muffins today.

Healthy Eating creates fit bodies. Exercise and make healthy choices.

Vanzide Darden

Joy to Live Testimonial Line with several options about Cancer, Diabetes/high blood sugar

To All interested in trying Joy to Live products 
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There is now a TESTIMONIAL LINE to call in to hear
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seven (7) options with several testimonials:   

·         Dial-in Number:   641-715-3800 / code 77078#

o    Option #1  -  Diabetes / High Blood Sugar / Neuropathy

o    Option #2  -  Cancer

o    Option #3  -  High Blood Pressure / Cardiac

o    Option #4  -  Thyroid

o    Option #5  -  Gout

o    Option #6  -  Kidneys / Dialysis

   o    Option #7  -  Miscellaneous, including Pets

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Get Your Representative to give a Floor Speech to help Fix the Sequestration and Protect the NIH Funding

Today bloggers, friends, and Pancreatic Cancer Survivors:
I need your help. It is imperative that we get our representatives to fight on our behalf. We need them to support our cause- the Fight against Pancreatic Cancer. Without funding, research cannot continue. We made a major accomplishment  when President Obama passed into law the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act ; which was a historic victory for the fight against deadly cancers. The fight must continue so that the advancement of research can find a cure and help reduce the number of people dying from cancer. We spend money on everything. Let's get congress to spend money on funding a cure for the next second deadly disease pancreatic cancer.
 I just contacted my members of Congress about cuts to cancer research. Please join me in this fight and contact your members too!

Click on this URL to take action now

If your email program does not recognize the URL as a link,
copy the entire URL and paste it into your Web browser.Healthy Choices,
Vanzide Darden
http://joytolive/net vandarden

Monday, July 22, 2013

Healthy Coffee- LeJoyVa Coffee

Coffee Drinkers

Looking for that perfect instant coffee, that  is just enough for one person? Looking for a coffee loaded with Super foods and has healthy benefits? Well, let me tell you about LeJoy Va Gourmet Instant Coffee. I started drinking it about a month ago. Fell in love with the delicious taste. LeJoy Va Coffee is smooth going down. Great black. I didn't even drink black coffee until I tried LeJoyVa Gourmet Coffee.
A little about LeJoy Va Gourmet Coffee is one of nine product marketed by Joy to Live Company out of Salt Lake City, Utah.
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