Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Get Your Representative to give a Floor Speech to help Fix the Sequestration and Protect the NIH Funding

Today bloggers, friends, and Pancreatic Cancer Survivors:
I need your help. It is imperative that we get our representatives to fight on our behalf. We need them to support our cause- the Fight against Pancreatic Cancer. Without funding, research cannot continue. We made a major accomplishment  when President Obama passed into law the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act ; which was a historic victory for the fight against deadly cancers. The fight must continue so that the advancement of research can find a cure and help reduce the number of people dying from cancer. We spend money on everything. Let's get congress to spend money on funding a cure for the next second deadly disease pancreatic cancer.
 I just contacted my members of Congress about cuts to cancer research. Please join me in this fight and contact your members too!

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Vanzide Darden
http://joytolive/net vandarden

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