Thursday, July 11, 2013

Skinny Drinks that helps to Drop Pounds

Good morning!
What are you drinking today? Have you thought about that drink and the number of calories that you maybe consuming?
Skinny Sippers
 Well, my good friend Lisa sent me an article today on Skinny Sippers from WebMed. The article is very interesting. It tells how we are putting on pounds by what we drink. You may be cutting calories from your meals, but adding them on by what you are drinking. So here are some ways to skinny your drink:  Juices- juices that are a 100% real fruit juices are healthier because they will slash calories because they have less sugar.. Also choosing juices with pulp provides some fiber which may control hunger.  The Helper: Water- drinking at least two glasses of water prior to eating will make the stomach feel full. I know when I drink water before a meal; I feel full which makes me eat less.
. Remember to skinny your drink. Don't Super-Size unless it is Water. Read more on Skinny Sippers at

water being poured into glass

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