Sunday, July 21, 2013

Joy to Live Presents- Ionic Silver

I am an independent business owner at Joy to Live. I love this company( JTL). I love the products. I am on a journey to try all the products so that I can help myself as well as you. My number one goal is to get fit and stay healthy by taking supplements that provide nutritional value as well as aid me in maintaining my desired weigh. I have also found that these products help to boost my immune system and helps me fight against any infection.
I was a little concerned when I got bite by a mosquito. The bite left a fifty cent size bite on my right back arm. The bite looked like an eyes with a big wide red circle around it. Boy was it itching. I was happy when my Ionic Silver arrived in the mail. I had been hearing testimonies about the Ionic Silver but I had not a chance to use it until Saturday night. I came in after being in the sun all day long from a yard sale that I had. I took a bath and then applied the Ionic Silver to the mosquito bite. When I wake up Sunday morning the fifty cent size bite had reduced in size to a quarter size. I am impressed with the results so far. Ionic Silver can be taken orally or you can spray on the infected areas. I had heard some amazing testimonies on Ionic Silver now I have my own story to share. Ionic Silver has been reported to reduce cold sores, aids with sinus problems..
 The benefits of Ionic Silver is the following: Fights Off Bacterial infections,  Fights Off Viral Infections , Boosts Immune System, and Strengthens Immune System 
Suggested Use:Take 1/4 teaspoon  four times a day for 4 months. Do not take Vitamin C during the process 
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