Monday, July 8, 2013

"Go Play Outside Now"

Hello to All:
Whether you live in North Carolina or just passing through. You have just gotta to visit " Go Play Outside Now" located right off of the corner of Cornwallis and old Drug Store Road in Garner, North Carolina 27529.
Well on the 4th of July, 2013;while on my way to the Clayton celebrations; my granddaughter,my grandson and I stopped by" Go Play Outside Now". It seem deserted when I first drove up on the grounds. My grandson said I see someone. We went in and Ms Ann give us the tour and we stayed and played for about two hours. I had the time of my life. We played laser tag, we swunged on swings. We climbed on ropes, and we slid on a metal water slide. I made the biggest splash of the day. Check out the" Go Play Outside now "'s Facebook Page. This was our first time there. Well, we went back the next day with my other granddaughter and stayed 4 and half hours. More kids arrived later and the laser tag game become more exciting. Be a blessing and take your kids to "Go Play Outside Now" It is very affordable and it is a local business. I have driven by this place many times going over to highway 42. It wasn't until my grandchildren came to visit that my curious got the best on me; so I stopped by and was pleasantly surprise with all the events that can happen; while at Go Play Outside Now. You can play basketball, ping-pong, tire swings, grill and picnic; all while playing with your kids. Go Play Outside Now has beach type setting with plenty of comfort chairs and sofas. A pit for grilling marshmallows and hot dogs. There is also a canopy if it rains.  Here is a healthy choice for your children to play outside and experience nature right here in Garner, North Carolina. This beats going to the beach.

Healthy Choices,

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